We are taking a moment to Thank God for all His blessing and all that He has done for us, there’s a lot of work in a web-site more than i ever thought seems to be a full time job, BUT GOD has truly blessed the Ministry with a great web-site that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is able to be spread for free to All who will take the time to listen, we encourage you to spend sometime looking at the site as it’s being developed and is forever changing and enjoy the good things of God, may God bless all of you in our prayers. A special Thank you to
Bro. Adam Edwards we appreciate you dear brother.
Friends while you are on the internet of any web site you can have a tab opened here on this site and be listening to an old fashioned preaching or good spirit filled singing song wile surfing the web. or you can watch a great Church service video, and check out the calendar of events for special happenings, down load any and all the preaching we have and make your own CDs or there’s several links to others and a free Bible software down load that’s an awesome study tool the link of e-sword a free Bible software Ministry and so much more, we trust and believe this new web-site will be a blessing of encouragement, growth in the Word and conviction that point’s to a savior who can and is well able to save you that are lost simply seek Him while He maybe found for time is rushing away and Jesus is soon coming friend and we wont every set of eyes to come and go with us to heaven and the eyes behold the site of our Lord and King our slain Lamb of God that paid in full ALL yes ALL our sin debt Jesus Christ, a debt that we couldn’t pay we bless the God of Glory and the Lamb forever.