Pastor: Andy Watson ✞✞✞

{1}Right click on the Download-MP3 link colored brown
{2} choose save as;
{3} then save to your computer where you want it
{4} then to burn your own disc; choose on your computer from what ever program you may have,
{5} Burn It to CD; God Bless

Pastor Andy Watson of ✞✞✞ Vanderpool Baptist Church
Vanderpool is a Faithful Yearly supporter of ✞✞✞ Circuit-Rider CDs Ministry

Pastor: Andy Watson
Vanderpool Baptist Church
Is a faithful Supporter of this CD Ministry

“God Is On Your Side” Download MP3

“In Due Time God Died for the Un-godly” Download MP3

“The LORD Is my Shepard” Download MP3

“Stay In The Right Paths of The Doctrine” Download MP3

“FAITH” Download MP3

“I Give Them ETERNAL Life” Download MP3

“Because of The RESURRECTION” Download MP3

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