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Our Supporters

                                    Our Supporters:

Thank God for your support, you’re the reason we are able to keep placing FREE CDs & DVDs to the lost and encouragement to the saved, May God Bless each of you we pray in Jesus name, Amen
Friend it’s NOTHING at all about us in anyway It’s ALL about JESUS and it matters not who anyone is for this Ministry is His and His alone spreading His Gospel Truths to all who will receive.

Daily Supporters: The Edwards Family; Dear Bro. Adam Edwards Designs
Is the web host provider that has Donated this web-Page for the Glory of God, He & His family are such a blessing to this Ministry and we want to say a Huge Thanks to you our dear Bro. Adam

Individual Monthly Supporters
Bro. Chris Cox Monthly Supporter Since 2009 $35.00
James Yates Monthly Supporter $25.00

Monthly Supporters as of Now in 2016 Listed Below

Chestnut Hill Missionary Baptist Church since 2014 $50.00 a month
Pastor: Chris Cox

Amazing how God has supplied an Un-explainable amount of CDs that’s been given to the Public for FREE; The math of the budget cannot be explained. WOW I Love God’s math!
The man in California that we been buying from for four years now has offered us For every shipment of CDs it costs $4,700.00 for 10,000-CDs that’s $0.47 per CD That Includes shipping to our door in NC.
If not able to buy them in bulk from our distributor in California, then it’s additional 48% increase when the CDs are purchased at a average local retail price.
We are doing our best to keep CDs out. We are struggling to keep them out with the amount of support we have. If the baskets that you get them from are empty please be patient with us and please continue to check back at a later time as we are doing our best to get them filled back up. May God Richly Bless you all and a special breath of God upon His people that help spread the Word of God FREE to all.


We are In need of your support for this Ministry. You may help us out by: 1} Praying for us 2,} Sending us Ink Jet Hub-Printable CDs Please contact us if you are unsure where to mail them or unclear of the difference in Ink Jet Hub-Printable CDs and regular CDs 3,} Gas vouchers for distributions of CDs 4,} CD-Sleeves 5,} Ink Jet Hub-Printable DVDs 6,} Monetary Donations 7,} Any other donations that will help further this Ministry such as: video cameras to film live Church services, machine Duplicators to make DVDs & CDs, External Hard Drives for storing all our Audio & Video We would love to be able to branch out to the entire world to send good Solid Gospel Truth Preaching of God’s Word in power and in demonstration of the Holy Ghost for Hope of the ONLY HOPE there is; “Jesus Christ”, You can support us Right Here on this very web-site by clicking on THE DONATE BUTTON in the lower right corner of any page through out the web-site. It gives you a printable receipt as well for tax right offs for we are A Non-Profit Org 501c3 with an Active Status of being Tax Exempt. All donations are fully Tax deductible., Or donate directly to the Ministry’s mailing address:
at Po Box 2481 Boone NC 28607 Atten. Treasurer.
 Somewhere someone is counting on you for your help to receive a Gospel Truth CD or DVD that may be the very ordained way God uses it to change your loved one’s forever.
For presentation of this Ministry and how your Church or you as an individual can help: please contact The Circuit-Rider Founder/President of the Ministry at 828-964-1340 or you may contact Bro. Chris Cox at 336-977-1222
or you may also send prayer request, along with any and all events such as: Special Services, Revivals,
Tent Meetings, Church Services, Marriages, Prayer Meetings, Benefits, Bible School, Singing, Preaching, Jubilees, Monthly Jubilees, Yearly Jubilees, Funeral Announcements, Ext. We would love to place it on the calendar of events for you here that folks may see, Be sure to send all info. about your event and your wanting to advertise along with an address for folks to print directions. & all Information or singing or Preaching CDs or DVDs you would like for us to review 1st and after reviewing the request then we will consider placing on our web-Site please allow two to four weeks for review, May God Bless you as I know He already has But May we Bless GOD Amen.
You may mail all Information to the Ministry’s mailing address below:
PO Box 2481 Boone NC 28607 Atten. Treasurer or Circuit-Rider


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