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Burning/Downloading Instructions:

How to burn our content to your own blank CDs and DVDs.

  1. Click the Audio Tab go to the desired message and click on the speaker icon or Play button of the box.
  2. Click on the Chirbit name
  3. Or on Internet Archive {{we use both of these library’s}}

  4. Click download
  5. When downloaded, you can burn through Media Player or what ever program you have to burn a CD

At this time Audio CDs are all that’s available for download.

The Baptist Top 1000

Special Messages

Hope by Bro. Craig Edwards The Scarlet Sin Of Adultery by Bro. Mike Reeves




“The Longer I SERVE Him The SWEETER HE IS” Download MP3 “There’s Been A Few Times” Download MP3 “He Didn’t Stay Dead And He Wont Stay Gone!” Download MP3 “I’m SATISFIED” Download MP3 “IT WAS ME Bro. Jared Dixon” Converted from a Cassette tape Download MP3 “The LAST BLOOD” Download MP3 “The OLD Timey Way” …