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“The Longer I SERVE Him The SWEETER HE IS” Download MP3

“There’s Been A Few Times” Download MP3

“He Didn’t Stay Dead And He Wont Stay Gone!” Download MP3

“I’m SATISFIED” Download MP3

“IT WAS ME Bro. Jared Dixon” Converted from a Cassette tape Download MP3

“The LAST BLOOD” Download MP3

“The OLD Timey Way” Download MP3

“SAVED TO THE UTTERMOST!!!!!!!!!! GLORY!!!!!!!” Download MP3

“Blessed Be The Name of The LORD”

“ETERNITY Has Begun”

I Claim Jesus First of All And That’s Enough For Me

The Price Of A Book

As Small As I Am

God’s Word Will Stand

I’ve Got So Much To Thank Him For

A Speck Of Dirt As I

The Church Will Forever Stand

I Just Want To Thank You Lord

We Want America Back


How Excellent is Thy Name

Pledges To The Lamb

You Ain’t Seen The Last Of Me

My Boat Of Life

The Test of Time

Beulah Land

Do You Know How It Feels

Praise God It`s Settled I’m Saved

Somebody Headed Somewhere

The Baptist Top 1000