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Ordering CDs and DVDs from us. 

I.  To order a certain CD try to provide as much info. As possible so we can search our data base, we have literally thousands of messages, and have made thousands of CDs. 


II.  *Notice* certain messages have been placed on several CDs with several ways of being made through Prayer, God may lead the same message to be made over a hundred different ways on CDs,  But if we have the proper Message Title most important we can do a better job finding  the CD.


III.  If all possible the CD-ID#, all CDs have a distinct ID # that helps us search easier.


IV. All CDs Identify who the Preacher is that’s even more helpful to know when you order a certain CD. There may be several messages that are titled the same.


V.  Be patient as we try the best as we can to locate the CD you requested. As we may be dealing with a large volume of request.


VI.  Please a clear mailing address to receive your CD with an e-mail address along with your name or Organization.


VII.  Pray and seek God in asking the Lord to lead & guide you in what you ought to do to help further the Ministry’s needs. If God lays Nothing on your heart, then the CDs or DVDs are Free and we encourage you to get what you would like to have and surely you can keep us in prayer for it’s the GREATEST GIFT you and I can give one another is to pray one for another and no matter we still will do our best to provide you with your request, for the Greatest gift I ever received was FREE and so is the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, He Paid it ALL for ALL, Amen

Be sure and completely fill out the information below:

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